Why won't my AOL account work with Outlook?

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AOL mail is also known as Aim mail. As AOL mails are different from other normal platforms as this mail service is provided to the customer without using any software. People don't have to pay to send the mails which is the best part. But somehow many of the customers are facing the issue of AOL mail is not working with outlook. So for this, I have created this blog post to help my friends. If you want to solve the issue then continue reading it.

How can you fix the issue of AOL won't work with outlook?

Go through these simple steps if your AOL email doesn't support outlook.

Solution1 Upgrade your password

  • You need to update the changes in your email account. if you have created your new password to AOL. If you don't know how to change then follow these steps.
  • Open the account setting of your email 
  • Then press on the AOL account and now you can create your new password.

Solution 2 upgrade your mail application

If you want that your email should properly work with AOL then you should use an updated AOL account as if you have not upgraded your App then you can't go with a third-party app. 

Solution 3 Look at your incoming server

Is the most valuable fixer if your AOL mail not working.

Incoming server (IMAP)

The server should be IMAP.ail.com

Port as 993


Outgoing mail (SMTP)

Server stmp.aol.com

Port as 465

Requires SSL -yes

Your login information should be

An email address

And a password

Solution 4 How can you the third party app

  • Download the app of the third party. It's up to you which app you want to choose. There is no hard and fast rule For example. you choose the kernel.
  • So now open the app of the kernel and install the AOL backup for this you have to press the install button.
  • Then as always put your I'd and password to log in.
  • Then press pst format.
  • So now press on an apply filter which is at the left side of the account.
  • Now you have to click the web button so that all your files will be saved.
  • So, yes you have completed the task.

Go through these simple steps for adding AOL mail to ms outlook

  • Open the menu of an outlook.
  • In the menu search for the option of file option. After this just press on the next switch.
  • So now press on press on pst file and then again press next to move forward to the other steps.
  • Then opt for the data of AOL which you want to get imported.
  • Now just press the import switch to convert the files you have to choose.
  • And yes you have done now by clicking on the finish.

I think that from all these you can now fix the AOL email problems with outlook.