Is Zoho Email Account Free?

· Zoho Mail

Zoho is a web based application which is designed for good business and not only this but Zoho mail is also designed to offer personal email addresses to its users that too free of cost. A free Zoho free mail account comes with many features such as it comes with 5 GB mail and also with online storage of messages. 

In this blog we told you that Zoho mail is completely free but many people often do not know how to create a Zoho account that is why we have prepared this blog for you where you will get the exact steps to create an account on Zoho. 

Steps to create a Zoho mail account – 

  1. To commence the steps the users first steps need to visit the official sign up page of Zoho and then only they can select the option of Personal email from there. 
  2. Now you have to move to the next step which is to select a username which you prefer which will come before in the email address of Zoho and you need to enter this in the field of email address. 
  3. Now in this step you have to complete the rest of the form for 

Zoho mail sign up like you need to select a password and then you also need to type in the first name of your account and also the last name in the respective fields. 

  1. Now you have to also fill in your phone number so that you can receive SMS on them and you will also get a verification code on the same. 

After filling in the verification code you have to select Sign up for free and then once you select the option of verifying my mobile and then as soon as you click on the option of finish and tada! Your procedure to make a personal zoho mail is finished and your account is created.