How Do I get my Gmail to work on my iPhone?

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Finally, you came! We all are waiting for you and we know what you are looking for?

Is it Gmail not working on the iPhone kind of issue?

If your reply is yes, then you can go through this article, as today we are sharing with you the  ToDo's that you have to perform if you are having issues such as my Gmail is not working on my iPhone.

These fixes may help you to get rid of Gmail problems on your iPhone.

So, stay tuned with us till the end to resolve this issue.

Fixes that may help

As we promised, here are the few fixes that may help you to get rid of this issue: Gmail on iPhone not working. 

  • Examine your Device recent activity.

Your issue "my Gmail is not working on my iPhone"   can be resolved by applying the below fix.

If you have not received a blocked signed-in attempt email, it is better to Check who has been logged in from which device through Device activity & notifications available on Google's my account website.

It will help you to know if your account is compromised or not.

Block the suspicious ones & unblock which were you.

There are probable chances that it may help. 

  • Try out the CAPTCHA reset.

Captcha reset, very few people have become acquainted with it, it is a way through which you can bypass this issue of Gmail not working on iPhone.

To perform the Captcha reset, merely click on the link below and try to sign in to your Gmail account through Ipad or iPhone.

  • Turn on IMAP.

In some cases, it has been seen that disabled IMAP which is a technology that Google possesses to deliver mail to the device.

and disabling it will not help you.

So make sure that IMAP is turned on

  • Reset Google account with iPhone.

Reestablishing your Google account with iPhone is also a good alternative way through which you can get rid of Gmail on iPhone not working.

It is completely safe, which means your data consisting of Mails, contacts etc will not disappear.


We hope that by following the above ways you get rid of this issue as soon as possible and can access your Gmail on your Iphone.